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Transform your home or workplace with a thorough clean from The Red Sea. We’ll get your space back in order, to bring you a respectable and safe working environment for your employees, and peaceful rooms for your home.

Our exterior cleaning services can get your gutters, roofs and brickwork looking like-new again by blasting away algae, dirt and debris to protect your building from harm and even raise the value of your property.

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Need An Exterior Clean?

Gutter Cleaning

Prevent leaves, nests and moss from clogging your gutters and ensure correct water flow with gutter cleaning that protects your property.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing offers a thorough and powerful clean in no time. This innovative technology can deliver a wow-factor before and after transformation.

Roof Cleaning

Remove build up and make your tiles look new again. Roof cleaning and remove unwanted growth and debris that could cause harm to your home, and even improve the value of the building.

Building, Brickwork And Stone Cleaning

To maintain your walls, brickwork and stone, we offer specialist cleaning that can bring out the original pattern and shine of your property grounds.

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